Tuesday, November 16, 2010

American Buffet

Its been a long day for both of us today. Hubby and I helped one of our friend to clean his new apartment since he is going to move next month. It is really not easy to move since we already done it trice now (lol). From loading, unloading, cleaning and arranging stuff.

Anyway, after hours of helping. We went to Hometown buffet Restaurant for our treat. For only $9.99 per person. It is all worth it since you can eat everything whatever you wanna eat. Yum! I got every variety of foods since i love to try everything (lol).

My 1st plate
I got my first plate as Italian dish.Spaghetti, chicken Alfredo, stir-fried vegetables and a calzone.

My 2nd plate
I was craving for more so i got Mexican rice, orange chicken and a fried chicken drumstick this time.

Hubby's 1st plate
Hubby got mashed potato, roasted chicken, beef steak, chicken and dumpling and a chicken alfredo. Actually, Hubby got two plates as well but I forgot to take a picture for the other one.

Friend's plate

My dessert plate
My Gosh! I was already full for dessert time but looking at those sweet delicious treat on the counter, makes me crave for more (lol). So I got Chocolate cake, chocolate sundae and a chocolate cheesecake.

Hubby's dessert plate
Hubby got rice crispy treat, strawberry sundae and a carrot cake.

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