Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween treats

sipping my butter beer made by our friend...cheers!
It's been a busy weekend for both of us. As you guys know, we had a Halloween party at our place and been preparing these foods . I honestly don't know what to cook, good thing that one of our friends help us what to prepare during that day.

As a Halloween treats, hubby baked the cake with chocolate frosting in it. Our friend made this cookies and lil smookies (forgot to take a picture). I  made the mummy hotdogs which I learned when my in laws made them last Halloween. I also cooked chicken adobo and pancit palabok to add up for all the foods. One of our friend requested to have a lumpia but I decided not to since there were lots of food already. What I did the next day is that I invited them to dinner then I served lumpia they wanted for ;).


mummy hotdogs

Chicken adobo

Pancit palabok


  1. I feel like eating while looking at those photos!!!

  2. wow! everything looks deli!..

  3. I know! they were lots of food for just 4 of us